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This template produces a link to a specific item along with the item's icon. Hovering the mouse over the link generates a "pop-up" describing the item.

  • name: The proper name of the item without the 'Item:' name-space prefix.
  • amount: (Optional) Number of items given. Overlays a number on the displayed icon.
  • plural: (Optional) Alternative text for the link, tentatively for handling plurals.

Normal usage

{{Reward | name}}
{{Reward | name | amount}}

Plural usage

{{Reward | name | plural=plural-name}}
{{Reward | name | amount | plural=plural-name}}


{{Reward | Lover's Helm}} displays as Objet:Lover's Helm

{{Reward | Lover's Helm | 3}} displays as Objet:Lover's Helm