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This is a quick and dirty string manipulator with limited capabilities. It can probably be replaced by something more robust using some StringFunctions like explode. For now, though....

Takes up to four parameters, as follows:
  1. A string to be split. This must be in the form of several items separated by backslashes. For example, Man/Hobbit/Elf.
  2. A separator string. The default value is a nonbreaking space, but this can be any combination of spaces and characters; this will be inserted between each substirng
  3. A prefix string. This is added to the beginning of each substring.
  4. A postfix string. This is added to the end of each substring.

The template will separate the string provided in the first parameter at each backslash (/; using #titleparts and return each substring formatted as instructed by the parameters, up to nine items. This can be useful to perform operations on a given list. For example, this template is used by Template:Infobox Quests to linkify and categorize quests available to more than one (but not all) races (such as Quest:Intro: The Storm is Upon Us).